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Wasteland remastered walkthrough part 7: Dirty Old Quartz

If you wish, you can take a shortcut from the Rail Nomads through to Quartz by passing near the Guardian Citadel. Just remember to stay away from the flags, and your adventure will continue.

Abandoned for a reason

Otherwise you can take the long way around the mountains, and pass by the abandoned mine.

The entrance is small and easily missed, especially at night, but it’s diagonally up and left from the agricultural centre.

As you enter, there are lots of twisting tunnels, and a room on your right which is occupied but also full of loot. Well worth the effort.

If you explore further, you’ll find dead bodies, dead ends, and some shiny rocks. If you have a character with the Metallurgy and that character has a pick ax, you can chip free money from the wall

This is effectively infinite cash, but too slow for my tastes. Let’s move on the Quartz.

Scott’s bar

Head over the Quartz and enter at the south side of town as you retrace your steps to Headcrusher.

The bar is just where you left it, only this time we’ll take a closer look around.

There’s a cryptic code on one of the tables, URABUTLN, and the word drink written on another. Well, it is a bar. Get close to a table of three with a spare chair and they’ll tell you the town is having problems.

Ellen, the barmaid, will speed past but you’ll not get her to stop except at the bar. The bar stools seat one, so take your character with the highest charisma and move to the bar.

Ellen will ask you what you want to say, so say URABUTLN (you are a beauty Ellen, get it?). After this Ellen decides you are trustworthy and gives you the key to a room at the Stagecoach Inn. I mean… probably don’t do this in real life, okay?

After this exchange, why not take a quick rest in the restrooms. Only the female members of your party can enter the female bathroom.You’ll see a pair of women talking, using your (hopefully high) charisma will get them talking, revealing more about what is happening, but again directing you to the Stagecoach Inn.

The men’s bathroom reveals a thug beating a teenage boy. Deal with the thug, and the boy will answer your questions, as long as you can guess the right words to use.

When you break into two or more parties, use the View command to switch between them.

Stagecoach Inn

The Stagecoach Inn is in about as good condition as an actual stagecoach would be in these parts. Don’t worry about looking around; just head straight to room 18 and use Ellen’s key.

Say what Ellen said to you and Laurie will give you some detailed information on how to get to the Courthouse. You could walk in the front door if you knew their password though. Laurie will give you a stash to help you free her town.

If you break into the cleaners’ room you will find some chemicals and even a servo motor, both useful items for later. If you have a couple of bottles of snake squeezins you can give one to each of the bums to access the secret trapdoor to the Courthouse.

Or you could use the front door.

The Courthouse

The Courthouse is a strange affair. Some guards will attack you on sight, some will ask you for the password, and others will just wave you through.

You can take the stairs and be challenged by guards on every floor, but where’s the fun in that? Okay, that is a bit fun. Your other alternative to get to the top floor and your hostages is to climb the vines in the atrium until you get to the top floor. Then simply break the glass (I used a crowbar) to enter the heart of the complex.

Three thugs in particular, Huey, Dewey and Louie, yield the combination to a well-hidden safe once killed. We’ll get to that later as the safe isn’t here, but in Ugly’s hideout. If you’re quick you can rescue Dan Citrine from torture. I’m never quick enough. If you want, use your Silent Move skill to creep into the room. Sneak up on the sleeping Huey and Dan will be fine. If you manage to rescue the unfortunate Dan, you’ll find a reward in the cells when you free Dan’s dad. A $1,000 reward, which is nice.  

In the top right corner of the map, once you blow down the cell door (I don’t have the patience to try Picklock 30 times) you’ll find Mayor Pedros. He will happily join your party and is a decent hand to hand fighter to boot. You can let Dan go once you’ve gotten his money.

Once the Courthouse is taken care of you just need to find the hideout those helpful women in the toilet at Scott’s Bar mentioned. Mayor Pedros is keen to free his wife, too.

Join me for part 7 as we free Quartz from Ugly’s gang, pick up our first automatic weapon, and.. oh yeah, find the roof of infinite experience!

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  2. John@justneedsvarnish
    April 11, 2020

    I’m enjoying following your progress through this, Dave! 🙂


    • davekay
      April 12, 2020

      Glad to hear it John! This is about one-third of the way through the game.


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