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A Commander deckbuilding infographic

Quarantine has gotten a lot of people bored. Fortunately, bored creative people tend to create things. So here someone has put together an infographic to help people build their Commander decks for Magic: the Gathering.

The infographic asks you to answer three key questions; who your commander is, what your strategy is, and how you intend to win. Out of your 99 cards, one third of these should be devoted to your plan – your strategy and how you intend to win.

The other two thirds form your mana base, cards to increase your mana still further, cards to get you more resources, and finally cards to interfere with what your opponents are doing.

The infographic also gives a sample mana curve (which is different in Commander to a typical Magic deck) which also broken down by the different types of card in your deck.

art by Chris Rallis

I fond this infographic a highly usable guide. I might run 4 board wipes and six targeted removal, and also I will tolerate fewer draw effects as long as I have repeatable draw effects such as Bident of Thassa or Phyrexian Arena.

Overall I think this guide will keep me from creating the kind of Commander decks I have put together in the past sometimes. Decks with a Commander and some vaguely related cards that don’t really do anything together.

art by Zezhou Chen

One comment on “A Commander deckbuilding infographic

  1. Bookstooge
    April 7, 2020

    But jank decks are fun! 😀

    This type of infographic is great, especially for beginners.

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