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Wasteland Remastered walkthrough part 6: Rail Nomads

With the Agricultural Centre sorted (see part 5) we can move on to the Rail Nomads. This was the last location mentioned way back at Ranger Centre as needing our assistance.

It starts off with a simple request – take an item to a guy in another place.

The first character on the train will give you a visa card and instructions to take this to someone named Headcrusher, at Quartz.

It won’t be your first visit to Quartz, assuming you have been there to sell excess items. Headcrusher hangs out in Scott’s Bar.

Luckily Scott’s Bar is at the southern end of the town, just east of the store.

Moving through the bar, you’ll likely hear gossip indicating there are more adventures to come in Quartz. For now, we’re here to complete our courier mission.

Headcrusher can be found conveniently by himself at the southern end of the bar. Sit on the chair opposite and use the visa card you’re carrying to get a reaction.

With no idea what he will use this card for, head back off to the Atchison tent at the Rail Nomads camp to give them the password.

They will give a shovel and directions to dig. Once you reach the correct spot and use the shovel, you’ll receive a loot bag.

Once you’ve emptied the loot bag (and only then) you’ll be jumped by robbers.

After fighting them off each one will drop a crowbar.

Once you’ve picked up the loot bags you will be informed that these robbers were in fact the outlaws troubling the area, and the Rail Nomads entry in your journal will now be complete.

The game doesn’t give specific instructions of where to go next, but there was enough murmuring in Quartz to indicate that place should be our next port of call.


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