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Ape Attack! — @The Mountains of Minis

I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Grinding through the Bones 4 core set, we have reached the last two dozen….and a full dozen of those are kobolds! Soon there will be less than 10 left! Today I did the Ape Attack! subset I chose to go different paths with each […]

Ape Attack! — @The Mountains of Minis

This is just one of many posts at The Mountains of Minis. Maledrakh has far more minis than me, and paint at a fast rate – usually an average of more than one mini per day over a given year. This means if you follow his blog, you get to see a lot of painted minis. I can only guess how high those mountains are!

One comment on “Ape Attack! — @The Mountains of Minis

  1. Ann
    March 21, 2020

    “Caesar … is not here!”

    Nicely painted. Makes me want to go watch all of those Planet of the Apes movies again.

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