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Duncan in a galaxy far, far away

Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy has launched another how-to-paint video, and this one signals a willingness to move away from Games Workshop.

The stormtrooper – from Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Legion game – is a nice paint job that many will appreciate. More importantly it’s a good signal that the channel will not simply be a private version of Duncan’s previous videos for Games Workshop.

It will be interesting to see what else he paints over the coming year.

4 comments on “Duncan in a galaxy far, far away

  1. skinflintgames
    March 15, 2020

    So weird hearing Duncan say “Army Painter”… When he says “Vallejo” my jaw will hit the floor 😱😂

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    • davekay
      March 15, 2020

      I’m waiting for him to whip out an airbrush and some scale 75 paints!

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      • skinflintgames
        March 16, 2020

        Oh hell yes, that’s when you know we’re in an alternate timeline 😂😂

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  2. ericritter65
    March 16, 2020

    Love that he’s getting away from GW paints and minis, but his style is still looking GW-ish. I was hoping for some growth.


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