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Explore MtG art: Chris Rahn

Chris Rahn started illustrating for Magic: the Gathering with the 2008 Shards of Alara set. He has since gone on to become one of the game’s most popular current illustrators.

Chris still paints his pieces traditionally, and his original pieces typically sell for five figures at auction.

The story behind an illustration

In the War of the Spark set the card Charmed Stray appeared, illustrated by Chris. It turns out there’s quite a story behind this card’s art.

Chris’ beloved cat had passed away at the age of 17 shortly before this piece was commissioned. The art director, knowing this, had asked Chris whether he would like to immortalise his cat on a card. The answer was a resounding yes:

A beautiful memory, and you can read the story in Chris’ own words here.

Chris Rahn art: six of the best

Ajani Steadfast – Chris Rahn

This pieces shows off Ajani’s older and wiser persona. Also I love how the sun is striking just the tops of the mountains in the background.

Trusted Pegasus – Chris Rahn

Depicted here is Gideon’s loyal steed which will take him to Nicol Bolas – unfortunately the pegasus is promptly shot from the sky by the zombie god Oketra.

Knight-Captain of Eos

From his debut set Shards of Alara, this card became an instant favourite of mine, visually speaking.

Sigarda, Heron’s Grace – Chris Rahn

The only guardian angel of Innistrad to remain loyal to the humans during Avacyn’s madness, Sigarda is still a menacing presence, as shown here. Innistrad is… not a happy place.

Animist’s Awakening – Chris Rahn

This art shows the progression of Nissa Revane towards her current status as a planeswalker. This card featured in Magic Origins, a set dedicated to the backstories of five planeswalkers.

Huntmaster of the Fells – Chris Rahn

This outdoorsman has a secret that is revealed only when the moon is full, transforming into the Ravager of the Fells.

Further exploration: Chris Rahn around the web

The cards

Click the image above to see all cards illustrated by Chris Rahn on Scryfall.


Visit Inprnt to view and purchase prints by Chris Rahn

Website is the central hub for all Chris’ art, both for Magic: the Gathering and others.

Social media

Chris has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Magic beyond Chris Rahn

Click the images below to explore other artists


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    March 26, 2020

    I played, and collected Magic the Gathering. My favorite artist was Ron Spencer, and it would be cool if you did an article on his art 🙂

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