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Secret Lair of the gods

The third Secret Lair release (in as many months!) has been revealed. The contents are the 15 gods from the original Theros block, divided across 5 boxed sets. Each set contains 1 copy of three gods:

Each box will retail for 39.99USD and be available for a short time via the Wizards Secret Lair website. They are up for such a short time that the window may well be closed by the time you read this!

The Secret Lair series has been quite controversial, though I find myself unmoved by it, with no strong opinion either for or against. It would be ice if they could handle international distribution well, but they can’t and to be honest they never have. You can order these from outside the US, though the experience for many in Europe was that even though they paid extra for import taxes, they were billed again when the product arrived as the additional funds they were charged were never paid. Which is nice.

Okay, maybe I am on the negative side of this, but only due to lopsided distribution practices.

People who bought the Theros: Beyond Death collector boosters recently noted how often the 6 constellation gods appeared. I wonder whether these cards were slated for that slot in the collector boosters, but were pulled to make another Secret Lair release. Maybe.

2 comments on “Secret Lair of the gods

  1. Bookstooge
    February 16, 2020

    I thought about buying a set of these, but honestly, at that price point there are other cards I’d rather “collect”. Revised Sol Rings for instance 😀

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    • davekay
      February 16, 2020

      Yes, I’d say that the old adage that “anything sold as a collector’s item isn’t” applies to these Secret Lair cards,

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