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Wasteland remastered

The latest update on the progress of Wasteland III contained some welcome information about the remastered original too:

This is a good place to pause and mention that we’re working on a remastered version of the original Wasteland—appropriately called Wasteland Remastered—that we’ll be releasing early this year on PC and Xbox One.

They also provided a before and after screenshot to show how the game will change from original to remastered versions:

The original Wasteland released in the 1980s, and gave players a new twist on the CRPG, both in terms of setting and in mechanics. Like the Bard’s Tale series you form a party to explore the world, but there were a number of differences.

The world of Wasteland was more open and it was possible to explore areas out of order – though not necessarily healthy. Speaking of heath, death was permanent, a big change from the fantasy RPGs of the time where death was a mid-combat inconvenience. Many a session on the original saw my party rushing to get a critically injured party member to a doctor before it was too late.

I’m looking forward to the new version and will do a walkthrough just as I did for the remastered Bard’s Tale games.

2 comments on “Wasteland remastered

  1. mcmattila
    January 15, 2020

    Wasteland 3 eh? Guess I should finally play WL2 😀 I’ve had it since release and started it a couple times, but for some reason didn’t stick with it.. I do love the idea and seeing though, so maybe I’ll give it one more try. Might cut into my miniature time, however!

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    • davekay
      January 15, 2020

      Yes, I have found that when it comes to painting or playing I have been choosing painting more often than not recently!


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