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Captain Brasseye’s guide to The Reach: going elsewhere

Welcome back young captains. There comes a time when your eyes seek other horizons. There’s many a captain happy to live out their entire life in The Reach. Can be done, and there’s no shame on those who do.

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Others of us turn our eyes (or eye) further afield. If you’re eager to see what lies beyond The Reach, there’s three relays that will get you out through arcane means I’ll not explain here, due to not having a clue how they do it.

The Reach – Albion relay

This relay lies just South of Port Prosper, and if you have difficulty you can ask for directions there. However it shouldn’t be difficult to find. Your travel options are to use a Ministry-Stamped Permit to travel first class, or supply your own pair of barrels of Hours to travel second class. Permits will be useful throughout Albion, so if you can mine hours from the sky or from your claim at Lustrum, that may be the better option.

The Reach – Eleutheria relay

A word of warning, at the other side of this is a ruined relay that won’t take you anywhere. Make sure you have enough fuel and supplies for a long stay in Eleutheria.

You’ll need fuel and supplies just to get here. This relay lies in a forgotten side-cavern near Hybras. I’m surprised the staff there haven’t gone over to the mushrooms too, but they are there. To use this relay, you’ll need to pay in either Tea or a Savage Secret. The staff aren’t mushrooms but they are bored and homesick.

The Reach – Blue Kingdom relay

Take a one-eyed captain’s advice – don’t go to the land of the dead if you’re still living and intend to remain that way. This relay doesn’t need to be discovered as it marks your original entry to The reach following Captain Whitlock’s ill-fated mission.

Should you decide to retrace the unfortunate captain’s journey, you have options. A single Otherwordly Artefact will gain you first class travel, while another pair of barrels of hours will give you second class access. If you’d rather the officials look the other way, a couple of jumbles of undistinguished souls will render them momentarily blind to your egress.

That’s enough cider for one day, and besides I hear they have a new show on at Polmear’s. Join me next time and I’ll take you on a trip to the rotten core of Albion: fair London.


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