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2019 Magic art review

2019 was a good year for Magic art, driven mainly by the fairy-tale themed Throne of Eldraine set. Other sets provided their visual gems too, as we shall see.

Card art of the year (as decided by me)

art by Jason Rainville

Throne of Eldraine had a number of great card arts, but this one above for Ardenvale tactician by Jason Rainville, is my favourite of the lot.

Other great card arts from Throne of Eldraine include Once and Future bu NIls Hamm, and Trapped in the Tower by Howard Lyon.

art by Nils Hamm
art by Howard Lyon

In other sets, Modern Horizons gave us the first new art by Greg Staples in many years:

art by Greg Staples

Judge Promo cards are frequently a source of great art, and 2019 was no exception, with this promo by Lius Lasahido giving us a new look Sliver Legion

art by Lius Lasahido

Sorry about the small image, this really was the best I could find.

Even rarer than judge promos though, as the Heroes of the Realm card. Just a handful of each are ever given out. Randy Vargas provided a visual treat for Sol, Advocate Eternal:

art by Randy Vargas

In game terms, 2019 was a quite forgettable year, especially for players of the Standard format. The creation of the Pioneer format is yet to play out, but I think it will be an interesting and positive format going forward.

Art wise we had quite a treat, with these just some of the over 1,500 new illustration added to the game over the past 12 months. Wizards may be pulling back in other areas, but the art is at least getting the treatment it deserves.

Long may that continue.

art by Yongjae Choi

2 comments on “2019 Magic art review

  1. maenoferren22
    December 29, 2019

    Some really nice artwork there

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    • davekay
      December 29, 2019

      Yes, artwise this was a good year for the game.


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