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Captain Brasseye’s guide to The Reach: sightseeing

Once your trading game takes over and your little engine is chugging merrily away, your eyes might turn to the tumbling horizon. What lies out there, other than the next port?

The answer is a great many things. Oh yes.

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The Apoidean Gardens. The Memorial to the Unknown Rat, the Regent’s Tears. All wonderful and beautiful in their own way. Visit any of these will fill the soul with a sense of calm. For a time, anyways.


“When the red runes glow, it’s time to go.” Such is my motto and it’s served me well except for that one time.

Old Tom’s Well

An ill-omened place if ever there was one. If I’m feeling generous I stop by here to pick up some back ice for the Phelgmatic researcher. Otherwise I steer clear. There’s a church here, as there is in every well, offering to change the course of your life, a little, in both directions.

Fallen Gods

You can find the old, fallen gods of The Reach if you care to look. Those unlicensed charts you can pick up (at Magdaelen’s among other places) will come in useful should you decide to explore the corpse of a deity.

Regent’s Grave

This place is the culmination of the story you’ll start (if you want to) at Traitor’s Wood. I’ll not say too much more as I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.


Wrecked ships are a sad sight you’ll come across often while the war rages and marauder prowl. One wreck sits apart from all others though. The wreck of the Parzifal lies to be discovered, and the fate of its captain may lie in your hands.

Sightseeing is a nice distraction, though I prefer the cider at the Nowhere Inn myself. Once you’ve seen enough of The Reach your mind may turn towards other realms. What of those? Stand me a round next time, and I’ll let you know all about how to leave The Reach.


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