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Captain Brasseye’s guide to The Reach: ports far

Prospects at the Bazaar in New Winchester will indicate direction but not distance to your target port. Some places require a mite more planning than others, especially in terms of how much fuel and supplies to bring along with you.

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I’ll take you through some of these further ports now, with the proviso that the twists and turns of the rocky Reach landscape may mean some of these are closer to you than you may think.


Fuel & supplies: Yes Reduce Terror: Yes Hire crew: Yes

Lustrum is nestled against the Mother of Mountains, a truly immense bulk of rock. It’s a Tackety stronghold, and should the balance of power ever swing back towards the Stovepipes, the Tacketies will retreat to Lustrum.

Sweet Jane will pay you to bring her the nameplates of Stovepipe vessels. If this is the war you want to join; you’ll receive a direct invitation at Lustrum. Otherwise you can travel to the mountain itself and try and stake out a claim. Assign crew to work your claim and you’ll receive a steady supply of hours.

Port Prosper

Fuel & supplies: Yes Reduce Terror: No Hire crew: No

As Lustrum is a place of strength for the Tacketies, so is Port Prosper for the Stovepipes. It is here they will retreat should the balance of power turn against them. Also here the Parsimonious Chairman will happily pay for Tackety nameplates, if that’s the sort of job that interests you.

Settlers gather here, if you tell them a good enough story of the sky, one may hop aboard with money to be taken to one of the other ports in The Reach. I’m not one to brag, but my guest chamber is rarely empty.

Port Prosper lies near the reach—Albion relay, should you already wish to leave. Otherwise you may visit the Bleak Industrialist, who has a quest that will take you to the Blue Kingdom. Take some free advice from a one-eyed captain; don’t go there.


Fuel & supplies: No Reduce Terror: No Hire crew: No

There’s not a lot to do in Hybras. You can wander around the mushroom meadows and wonder why almost the entire population went off to commune with the mushrooms, or you can… no that’s it really. Hybras lies close to the Reach – Eleutheria relay but you’ll need to stock up on fuel and supplies long before you reach this strange place.

Summerset Camp (Traitor’s Wood)

Fuel & supplies: Supplies only Reduce Terror: No Hire crew: Yes

Summerset Camp is a strangle place for strange people. I never had much time for it myself. However if mysteries are your thing, burrowing into your mind like a tick, then Traitor’s Wood is the place for you. A trio of researchers are scrabbling around in the dust, each propounding their own theories about this place. There’s a mystery to uncover here, provided you can mount an expedition into the wood. Bring supplies and crew. Plenty of crew.


Fuel & supplies: Supplies only Reduce Terror: No Hire crew: No

On second thought, let us not go to Carillon; it is a silly place. The devils of The Reach run Carillon, and there they inspect souls of those who pass through for flaws. They find flaws in everything, regardless of how many eyes you walk in with. If you like entanglements, then speak to some of the penitents who have been there a while, you may be able to help.

Turns out the Promise of Days has had enough of this captain for a time. I’m off to Port Avon with plenty of tea and a taste for cider. Perhaps my place in the hunting club has opened up…


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