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Captain Brasseye’s guide to The Reach: ports near

Like I said, The Reach is a twisty place, so it’s impossible for me to give you a definitive map to find your place around. After many ciders shared with many captains though I’ve determined some ports tend to lie closer to New Winchester than others. It’s these I’ll introduce you to first.

Port Avon

Fuel & supplies: Yes Reduce terror: Yes Hire crew: Yes

Port Avon happened when someone decided it would be a good idea to re-create a close-minded English village in The Reach. It’s an inward-looking place, so you’ll need to make sure you’re welcome enough with he local to get around. Bring tea, is my advice. The local will forgive anything, even a one-eyed captain, if they come with a good cuppa.

What you can do here is get either cheap fuel or cheap repairs. Having a pint of cider in the Nowhere Inn can simmer down the shakes if they’ve got a hold of you. Otherwise have a nice stroll on the village green. Also, the New Somerset Hunting Club will pay well for trophies from fallen beasts. Membership… is a different matter.

Polmear and Plenty’s Circus

Fuel & supplies: supplies only Reduce Terror: Yes Hire crew: Maybe

Ah, the Circus. It’s a nice place to sit a let your worries float away on the breeze. If you don’t mind doing a few favours, some of the circus acts are in need of your assistance, helping them out will make you more welcome at shows in the future too.

There’s a few hopefuls hanging around the circus, hoping for their chance. Possibly you can distract them long enough to get them into a uniform and onboard your engine; but don’t pin your hopes on it.


Fuel & supplies: Yes Reduce Terror: Yes Hire crew: Yes

This is no doubt a place you’ll get to know well. Magdalene’s is built to cure terrors and nightmares, so many a captain has a cause to come here. Get to know the Amenable Host too while you’re at it. Otherwise, while away the time with the other captains, or take on crew who get too bored waiting for their own captain to return from treatment. You can get to know the other patients, if you stay. Me, I like to leave as soon as the recurring nightmare involving a scrive-spinster’s pen and my right eye has been pushed back, for a while.

Leadbeater and Stainrod’s Nature Preserve

Fuel & supplies: Yes Reduce Terror: Yes Hire crew: No

A pretty place for sure. Be sure to befriend the Phlegmatic Researcher. He is ever-needful of objects from around The Reach for his research, and he pays well for them. Or you may prefer to take a calming stroll with the Ornithologist.


Fuel & supplies: Yes Reduce Terror: Yes Hire crew: No

Titania is a very pretty place, much loved by many. Unfortunately, it’s also much loved by Chorister Bees, who attack the place relentlessly. Assuming you’re able to assist the city’s defence, you’ll find a few attractions here, especially if you’re one of those more bohemian types. Donate enough to the cities never-ending repair bill and they may even take your advice when it comes to determining what to build next.

Perhaps I’ve worn out my welcome at the Promise of days and perhaps I haven’t. Only one way to find out! Next time I see you, I’ll talk about the ports that tend to lie further out.

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