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Captain Brasseye’s guide to The Reach: leaving port

As a new keen captain, you’ll no doubt be eager to get out and about. But take it from a man with a lump of brass where his right eye used to be – you need to be careful out there.

If you missed it, read about New Winchester here.

Good trips start with good planning. Make sure you have enough fuel and supplies to get not just there, but back again too. Also don’t forget to take any trade goods with you. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a locomotive leave port, turn about, dock again, and then chuckled to myself as a red-faced captain hurries to the bank with his crew to collect that bronzewood or whatever they meant to carry.

First stops

The closest places to New Winchester are Victory Hall and Company House. One is run by the Tacketies, the other by the Stovepipes. There’s a war on in The Reach and while you might prefer not to take a side, the fact is either side may choose to take you.

Don’t forget to write

Align yourself with either or neither as you wish. What you want to make sure of is that you write a report at each port you visit. These port reports can be cashed in at either of the above places for both coin and influence.

Other forms of currency

As you travel you may find yourself in possession of items other than coins. I’ve seen a few captains turn their nooses up at a sheaf of Salon-Stewed Gossip or wrinkle their noses at an Uncanny Specimen. Let me tell you these items have value. Get used to carrying Salon-Stewed Gossip, Sky Stories, Visions of the Heavens and more around with you. Whatever your ambition, you’ll want your share of these non-coin currencies. They can also help you at various ports around The Reach.

Into the black

The Reach is a terrifying place. Literally. Danger can lurk behind every rock and the cry of a shrive spinster sends a shiver down many a spine, and can make an empty eye socket ache in remembrance. Make sure the shivers don’t get to ye, call in to ports early and often as there’s plenty there to calm the nerves and ensure an uninterrupted night’s sleep.


If you add a mining array to your locomotive you’ll be able to mine Hours or Bronzewood as you come across them. Since these are items you’ll use often an mining array can pay itself back quickly. Watch out though! You may disturb others while about your work.


At various ports you may find interesting people (or rats!) willing to join your crew in one role or another. These officers can be useful, adding to your skills and providing a few connections of their own to help you along your way. If you get talking to these officers they can often lead you from port to port for reasons of their own.

Lucky Finds

As well as mining resources, you can find other resources in The Reach. Wrecks of unfortunate locomotive can yield supplies, and other times you’ll find supplies ejected by other engines. Settler outposts can provide respite, while ruins and abandoned factories hide their own secrets. There’s always something to see as you chug through the sunless skies of The Reach. Keep your eyes sharp and your lookout sober.


From Tacketies defending their claims, Reach Marauders looking for easy prey, and the creatures native to The Reach, you’ll have your work cut out for you staying alive out there. Don’t be afraid to run where you have to. Some captain like to shoot on sight, but I prefer to wait things out. A battle avoided is often as good as a battle won. If you do fight and win, don’t forget to stick around to gather those shining spoils from your fallen foe.

I can hear them calling my name at The Promise of Days so I’m off, but I’ll be back in due course to discuss some of the ports of The Reach. Happy travels!

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