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Tray 2 complete

I’d given myself until April next year to finish this tray, but here it is, done.

As a reminder, here’s where I started in August

What can I say? This blog is a harsh mistress, and I set myself the goal of doing two painting updates per week-end until I completed the tray. This had the effect of kicking my productivity into high gear. I won’t make any promises about keeping this rate up though!

With all the weird and wonderful models painted, I think the Warhammer Quest wizard is still my favourite, even if that is the nostalgia talking.

Next week I’ll get the third tray together.

9 comments on “Tray 2 complete

  1. maenoferren22
    December 1, 2019

    An awesome amount, doing my blog, like yours, has helped with my productivity too.

    • davekay
      December 1, 2019

      Yes, I’m finding the more and I post and interact with other bloggers doing the same, the more I want to paint. Great for getting through the pile!

  2. Wudugast
    December 1, 2019

    Very impressive – you’ve powered through those and the results look great!

  3. John@justneedsvarnish
    December 1, 2019

    Cripes, that is good going indeed! I’ve enjoyed following your progress! 🙂

  4. Azazel
    December 4, 2019

    Awesome stuff, Dave – and congrats for getting through the tray so many months early. I’m tempted to do something similar myself to force myself to finish certain models after seeing how well it’s worked for you, but I’m just not sure about integrating it in with the stuff I need to get through for the various challenges.

    • davekay
      December 4, 2019

      Thanks Aza, your blog has given me so much inspiration over the years so I’m glad there is some coming back! In terms of the trays and challenges I find that as long as I put a reasonable mix on each tray I can meet most challenges.

  5. lordcommandereloth
    December 4, 2019

    Well done, that is some speedy work and good quality too!

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