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Captain Brasseye’s guide to The Reach: New Winchester

So, you’re a new captain and you’ve got your little chugger puffing away, but how to get around this strange land we call The Reach? Settle in young pups and let Captain Brasseye guide you around.

New Winchester. Not home exactly, just a bustlin place that’s familiar and one you’ll find yourself getting back to often. The first time you fetch up here, the options can be a little baffling, but there’s a few you’ll want to use.

For engine repair or maintenance get over to Wolvesey Yards . You can also hire crew if you’re a little short-handed for any reason.

Right now you can barely afford repairs, so head over to the bazaar and look over the prospects. These let you know how to trade and where to go.

Exploring The Reach can be hard and dangerous, and there’s only so much this old captain can do to help. The Reach is twisty and treacherous like a scrive spinster. One captain may swear a port lies East, while another will travel South West to get to the same place. I can’t tell you which way to set your fair locomotive. However, any prospects you pick up from the bazaar will at least give you an idea of the direction you need to head.

Completed prospects also give you money – provided you understand the concept of buying low and selling high. Doesn’t matter if you can’t deliver the whole consignment at once, they’ll wait. I know more than one captain, myself included, who delivered early prospects in stages, using the profit from the first sale to fund the purchase of the remaining goods. Completed prospects may also award something extra on top of the money, depending on which port you’re servicing.

The bank is your hold away from hold. Store excess goods here and you’ll have access to them when you return.

You can buy upgrades for your locomotive or even a whole new engine if you wish (and can afford it). In this captain’s opinion there’s nothing to match an Altani-class Outrider. However those can’t be purchased in New Winchester so choose a locomotive that suits your present needs and circumstances.

Your upgrades don’t come cheap but they are helpful. In New Winchester you’ll see some level 2 upgrades, show in in green. Other ports will give you access to level 3 (blue) or level 4 (purple) but that’s a way off yet. You’ll notice those level 2 upgrades have a requirement, and it’s the same for levels 3 and 4 as well. I don’t want to give away too much, but the best weapons are available to a captain with a big heart.

There’s a round with my name on it at The Promise of Days now, but join me again and we’ll talk about your first trips away from port.

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