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Bones update 47: knight time

I’ve now painted all the Bones III models I picked up, except for one dragon (coming on the next tray!)

The models have a decent amount of detail, but some of their swords suffer from the bendy bones syndrome. However they look decent enough.


The armour was painted on gold, and then the cloth was painted starting with Templar Blue, a nice dull blue from reaper. I highlighted this with GW blues.

The iron bits of the armour were painted up using Ironbreaker and Runefang Steel, while the purple started with another Vallejo paint and again highlight with a GW paint. I used reaper Dark Shadow on the wooden spear and mallet hafts.

Last the stone mallet top was painted with a couple of greys, while the swords and spear tip got the flaming weapon treatment, which I am becoming quite the fan of.

2 comments on “Bones update 47: knight time

  1. John@justneedsvarnish
    November 30, 2019

    Those look good! I’m adjusting to the shift in colours after getting used to your spectral army! 🙂


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