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Felthius and the Tainted Cohort painted

These four models are the ‘easy-to-build’ set released for the Death Guard, along with the Plague Crawler.

They lived up to their name, with assembly being straightforward. The most difficult part of assembly was me deciding to rebase them to match the other plague marines.

Ultimately I was happy with the results:


The rusty marines were painted the same way as the other plague marines, though there were a couple of differences on the models that required additional treatment

The green goo falling from their weapons and washing around Lord Felthius’ base was painted using a green from Vallejo, highlighted with GW yellows.

The tentacles one one marine were painted using the Plaguebearer Flesh contract paint, and then a few boils on all the models were painted up using Nazdreg Yellow.

The plague marine project is almost complete, but will have to wait for the next tray.

9 comments on “Felthius and the Tainted Cohort painted

  1. maenoferren22
    November 24, 2019

    Looking good

    • davekay
      November 24, 2019

      Thanks, I’ve enjoyed painting the plague marines so far!

  2. Pete S/ SP
    November 24, 2019

    Great work. Keep them coming.



    • davekay
      November 24, 2019

      Only two models plus a Rhino left to go for the plague marines, assuming I don’t buy any more!

      • Pete S/ SP
        November 24, 2019

        Always room for more. I’m after more weapon options for mine….



  3. Bookstooge
    November 24, 2019

    You know, you doing these posts makes me wonder why WotC doesn’t release some sort of “color it yourself” card or even coloring book style thing. You and other gamers obviously enjoy the painting process itself, so why wouldn’t some magic fans enjoy the coloring process.

    Maybe because getting into the ink/pen business is more than they want to bite off?

    • davekay
      November 25, 2019

      A colouring/painting book for Magic would be a good idea and sounds like an uncomplicated licensed product to me, but I guess WotC’s attention is elsewhere.

      They receive black and white sketches from their artists for final approval before card art is done, so they have the ‘raw material’ for such a book.

      Also there seems to be plenty of people who make or buy altered art cards, and those use the same acrylic paints as these models. I would say the demand is probably there.

  4. John@justneedsvarnish
    November 24, 2019

    Nicely done, Dave! Love the goo!

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