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The Old World returns… soon

Games Workshop have put up advanced notice of a new product line. very advanced notice. For a company that typically reveals things within 2-3 months of release, this time they have given us 2-3 years notice.

That’s right. We are returning to the Old World.

After the events of the End Times and the emergence of Age of Sigmar as a game range it was clear that GW had chosen to leave the Old World behind.

As I spoke about recently, the decision looked like the right one. Age of Sigmar has proved to be far more expansive as a setting and yes, far more popular than Warhammer ever was.

However computer games such as Warhammer: Total War and Vermintide proved that the Old World could remain popular as a setting not just to existing fans, but to new players as well. The success of the Total War games in particular must have made Games Workshop take note.

Wulfric to get a new plastic model? Wait 3 years to find out!

One thing I did take note of was the map they used to illustrate the Old World

This is just a sliver of the actual Old World:

Maybe I’m reading too much into a preview image, but I think this means that we will be focused on The Empire and its immediate allies and enemies (Greenskins, Chaos,Vampire Counts, Dwarfs, Bretonnia) at least in the first instance.

It will be an interesting trip! Check out the full article on Warhammer Community

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