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New chaos knights and warriors

Games Workshop recently previewed new chaos knights and warriors to replace what must be some of their older plastics still in circulation. Not quite as old as those zombies, but still.

The new models are looking good.

The managed to keep a similar look to the previous warriors – heavily armoured, fur cloaks. But these models are dynamic, giving the impression they can articulate their arms, a feature lacking on the previous models.

The knights show a similar dynamism:

With Age of Sigmar not requiring models to rank up like classic Warhammer did, the designers get a bit more freedom to put some movement into their sculpts.

I suppose this means I should hurry up and paint my 1994 chaos knights!

As an extra bonus, the preview page also include this minotaur for Warcry:

Looking good! You can check out all the previews here.

One comment on “New chaos knights and warriors

  1. imperialrebelork
    November 5, 2019

    I really like em. Much more movement to them overall. I always liked the old chaos models but they were a little stagnant

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