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Theros: Beyond Death card leaks

A few packs’ worth of cards from the upcoming Magic set appeared on the internet recently. The story appears to be that a few packs of this set were accidentally sent to and sold by a retailer in the US. For us, it means the cards give us some information on the new set. We can see that many of the original abilities of the Theros block have returned. Devotion is back, as are enchantment creatures, along with other original block aspects. The one new ability, Escape, looks like a way of bringing in the escape from the underworld theme of this set.

I have noted 6 things the spoilers show us. Let’s take a look:

  1. Heroic is back, but without the keyword

A card with ‘heroic’ (an ability that gives a bonus when you cast a spell targeting the heroic creature) appeared in War of the Spark, again without the keyword. In this set heroic is back in larger numbers, but the keyword has been dropped.

2. Borderless planeswalkers are back

Elspeth is back and looking good. The art for this card is by Chuck Lukacs, who also did the art for the ‘hero’ cards from the original Theros block:

Theros block hero cards

If we get alternate art cards in this style, I will be happy.

3. Borderless lands are back… sort of

This set of basic lands was found, each predominantly features the mana symbol, along with art that evokes the starfields which are so integral to the plane of Theros. I like them, but they are clearly not to everyone’s taste.

4 Sagas are back

The saga card type debuted in last year’s Dominaria block and were popular with many players, including me. It’s nice to see they will return in this set.

5. reprints are coming

These reprints are slightly different. Underworld Dreams is a very old card, printed here at uncommon instead of its normal rare status, and with changed art to fit in with the Theros setting. Banishing light is a reprint including the art, and was first seen in the original Theros block.

6. Nods to mythology return

Alirios is a nice nod to the tale of Narcissus. The card next to it confirms the return of Devotion, and ability tied to Theros.

One comment on “Theros: Beyond Death card leaks

  1. Bookstooge
    November 2, 2019

    I like the look of the full art lands. I wouldn’t want them in every set looking like that, but they are distinctive. Just like full art “used” to be.

    I think this leak is just too early. We’ll burn out on expectation. Throw in the mountain of EDH stuff coming our way and bam, I’m fatigued before I’ve even bought a single card 😦


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