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MtG artists: Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy has produced a series of illustrations for Magic: the Gathering, starting with the original Theros block, and is still illustrating cards today. Here are five of my favourites of his:

Secure the Wastes – Dragons of Tarkir

A group of once-Abzan followers still guard the desert sands in a Tarkir changed forever by Sarkhan’s time meddling.

Merchant Scroll – Magic Online promo

Another addition to my list of good card art that will never(?) been seen in paper as it has been used exclusively in Magic Online.

Ancestral Blade – Core Set 2020

The blade stands on an ornate mantelpiece, with the painting behind hinting at how it may have become a blade passed down through generations.

Aetherstorm Roc – Kaladesh

This magical creature glides through the skies of Kaladesh, feeding on the rich streams of magic there.

Abzan Beastmaster – Fate Reforged

This is the promotional version of the card, and only available in foil. I like both versions. In this one, the staff with its talismans suggest wisdom and experience, while the background shows his affinity with very large animals.

Click to see all Magic cards illustrated by Scott Murphy, or visit the artist’s website.


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