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Plague Marine bell ringer

I’m not sure what the official name is for this miniature, but I like it:

Obviously bells are a big motif on this model, even his pet nurgling is holding a bell!

I took the time to take photos of the process of painting this figure, which I’ll share tomorrow.

11 comments on “Plague Marine bell ringer

  1. Greg Long
    October 12, 2019

    Wow. That is a nice little piece. It has character.

    • davekay
      October 12, 2019

      Thanks Greg, yes the plague marine models have a lot of character

  2. John@justneedsvarnish
    October 12, 2019

    Have to agree! A lot of character indeed! Nicely done! 🙂

  3. Pete S/ SP
    October 12, 2019

    He is great- looking forward to seeing how you painted him.



  4. Wudugast
    October 12, 2019

    That would be a Noxious Blightbringer – one of my favourite models from the Death Guard range. You’ve done a really nice job on him too – love how your Death Guard manage to look both brightly coloured and filthy dirty at the same time 🙂

    • davekay
      October 12, 2019

      Thanks – I could not remember the name to save my life!

  5. Ann
    October 13, 2019

    Yeah, he looks good. I imagine they love their giant, semi-magical bells so much with their constant ringing that they are driven in a permanent rage of transcendental ecstasy, while their enemies on the other hands, well, I was going to talk about them clawing their own ears off and that making the nurglings both fat and happy, but I won’t because I’m pretty that would be in semi-bad taste and we wouldn’t want that.

    Your Death Guard forces have grown nicely, like a fresh boil straining, waxing to be free….

  6. backtothehammer
    October 13, 2019

    I do like how you painted the main bell. The rusted effect is very good.

    • davekay
      October 13, 2019

      Thanks, I had a feeling the rust would turn out better than a bronze look would

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