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Loyalist Space Marine name generator

The latest Space Marine codex encourages people to create their own legions, but how to name them? If you’re struggling for inspiration, then try this name generator, developed for loyalist Space Marine chapters.

Simply use today’s date plus your date of birth to get your chapter name. If you don’t like what you get, you can always try again tomorrow!

If you’re more inclined to chaos, then check out my chaos warband name generator instead.

13 comments on “Loyalist Space Marine name generator

  1. John@justneedsvarnish
    October 12, 2019

    Cool! “Ice Liberators” for me!

  2. Azazel
    October 12, 2019

    Need help with your incorporeal beings? Call the Ghost Restorers! They’ll have you up and running again before you can say “Initiating attack protocol 23”!

    • davekay
      October 12, 2019

      the backstory writes itself!

  3. Wudugast
    October 12, 2019

    The Ice Blades eh? Sound like some kind of Space Wolves successors to me. Not to worry, the Servants of the Neverborn will soon be along to put those Fenrisian dogs in their place! šŸ˜€

    • davekay
      October 12, 2019

      I got ‘Ice Falcons’ but I might wait until next month for ‘Fiery Falcons’!

  4. Bookstooge
    October 12, 2019

    I did this backwards and I got Ghost Raiders. I approve!

  5. Ann
    October 13, 2019

    The “Ice Scions” are ok but I think I’ll wait for tomorrow because I think the Silver Scions sounds way better!

    • davekay
      October 13, 2019

      There’s always another day!

      • Ann
        October 15, 2019

        Yup … hmm … Searing Scions isn’t too bad either.

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