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MtG artists: Scott Chou

Scott Chou’s art appeared on over 50 Magic cards between 2009 and 2013. Since then we haven’t seen his art on cards, other than reprints of those appearing during this time. It can be difficult to find his art online, and I didn’t get all my favourites, but I was still able to gather five to share here:

Caged Sun (New Phyrexia)

There is a consistent demand for this card because it’s quite useful in formats like Commander. I have a copy because I like how it looks.

Demonic Tutor (Duel Decks: Divine vs Demonic)

This first reprint of Demonic Tutor shows Liliana Vess receiving the tattoos on her skin, representing a pact made with 4 demons and brokered by Nicol Bolas. Here’s where that ended up:

Curiously, this card art was not used in the Liliana vs Garruk Duel Deck.

Desolate Lighthouse (Avacyn Restored)

I love the water on this work, as well as the rocks and structure. This art certainly suits the card name.

Geistflame (Innistrad)

In Innistrad, ghosts can be used as a weapon, as illustrated here.

Kor Spiritdancer (Rise of the Eldrazi)

As with Caged Sun, this is a popular card which has seen several reprints. The art shows our spiritdancer confidently standing in front of her animal friends. In the game the card works with enchantments rather than with other creatures, but I guess that was captured by the glowing eyes here.

If you find an official website for Scott Chou online, I’d love to hear about it. Same goes for any large image of his excellent Dungrove Elder promo art. This link will show you all cards illustrated by Scott Chou.

4 comments on “MtG artists: Scott Chou

  1. Bookstooge
    September 9, 2019

    Caged Sun is a great card. I’m on the line about getting another copy for a burn/lands matter edh deck. Getting the right card is getting tough, as the deck is almost complete 🙂

    Did Chou have a falling out with WotC and that’s why he doesn’t have any recent stuff?

    Liked by 1 person

    • davekay
      September 9, 2019

      He doesn’t have much of an online presence so I’m not sure of the the reason, though quite often artists get busy or move on to other things and reduce or end their work with WoTC.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. John@justneedsvarnish
    September 9, 2019

    Very nice! I really do like the desolate lighthouse! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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