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MtG artists: Seb McKinnon (second look)

At lot has changed since I first profiled Magic artist Seb McKinnon back in 2015. He has now illustrated over 100 cards, and is a firm fan favourite. His appeal can be seen in his successful Kickstarters for playmats and prints of his art.

See my original 2015 profile here.

Looking at a far more expansive selection this time around, not a a single one of those featured in 2015 makes my new selection.

Cuombajj Witches

This one stands as my current favourite. Sadly it’s not yet available in paper, but hopefully it will be some day.


Another ‘card’ which isn’t available. This version too is only available via Magic Online. In my opinion you’re better off buying a print.

Growth Spiral

This card from Ravnica: Allegiance managed to blend Ravnica’s urban landscapes with the natural curves and spirals that dominate McKinnon’s art.

Vryn Wingmare

Vryn is the home plane of Jace Beleren. We know little about the place to date, but if it has more creatures like this one I look forward to the visit.

Eidolon of Blossoms

Many artists worked on the enchantment creatures of Theros, but few captured them as well as Seb McKinnon in this promo version of the card.

See all cards illustrated by Seb McKinnon or visit the artist’s website.


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