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Industry update: Warhammer 40,000 and Magic continue their rule

Icv2 have updated their industry sales charts again, and the two top games continue their dominance. These charts are based on sales through the hobby retail channel in North America. Here’s the top 5 miniatures games:

Arguably the bigger news is Age of Sigmar. This game has now risen from the ashes of its own disastrous market debut to co-dominate its category. Previous ruler X-Wing has fallen lower, while games which once featured, such as War Machine and Hordes, are nowhere to be seen

See how things have changed from 2016 by looking at charts from then.

Games Workshop’s turnaround over the past few years would make a great PhD study topic for any business school, but that’s for another time. Looking at collectible cards we see another familiar dominant force:

Magic clearly isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, though I will be interested to see if Keyforge has similar longevity. It’s a different take on the idea of a CCG, using modern printing technologies and the notion of mass customisation to produce not so much individual cards, but unique decks, each with its own generated deck lists and name. Cards cannot be swapped between decks (I was out at this point) but players can continue buying decks as often as they want.

art by Magali Villeneuve

In board games no one will fall of their chair in surprise at the top game:

Yes, Catan is the number one selling board game (still!), and Pandemic and Ticket to Ride are also in the top 5. Gloomhaven continues strong sales, this is a game I played for the first time at a board game retreat recently. I found it okay, but haven’t stopped thinking about it since. 95 missions, years of play, an evolving game world. I can see the appeal.

Finally, to role-playing games.

Dungeons & Dragons is firmly established at the top spot, another game which has completed a remarkable turnaround after a disappointing previous edition. The new version is still making waves and we can see that in the first table, where miniatures for D&D are the number 3 seller after GW’s games. The next two RPG games are sci-fi, with dark/urban fantasy game Vampire in fourth. Pathfinder clings on to that 5th spot.

3 comments on “Industry update: Warhammer 40,000 and Magic continue their rule

  1. Bookstooge
    August 10, 2019

    Honestly, I find it interesting that Keyforge even made the list. I figured it would be another flash in the pan for Garfield. I like the idea of a card game that circumvents the secondary market and is more like a boardgame in terms of supply, but I’m so into magic that I think after 10-15 rounds with a deck, that would be it.

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    • davekay
      August 10, 2019

      Yes it’s not a game that appeals much to me either, but clearly there’s an audience, and I know a few board gamers who enjoy Keyforge but wouldn’t play Magic.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bookstooge
        August 10, 2019

        I guess if I thought of Keyforge as a boardgame and not a cardgame I’d accept its limitations easier…

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