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Age of Magic faction review: Undead Legions

The Archetype

More than any other list, this one is straightforward. Whether skeletons or zombies, this list is for you. Vampires their human slaves and swarms of bats or insects are another possible avenue to take.


Your general may be converted into a Necromancer, granting magic powers at the expense of combat prowess. The Undead Legions Lieutenant is a Black Knight, who can take fatigue instead of your nearby heroes, a useful ability that can catch your opponent by surprise.

All levies in this force are the mindless; either hordes of zombies or swarms of animals. They fight worse than normal levies but can form a nigh-impenetrable wall of bodies against your opponents better but less numerous troops.

Warriors can take bows, so your skeleton archers can appear in this list.

Undead Army by Egor Samsonov on ArtStation

Hearthguard can take heavy weapons or be mounted, providing reach and power that can be otherwise lacking. Creatures and monsters can be taken, and you’ll probably want an additional wizard in this list too.

Battle Board

The Undead Legions Battle Board leans hard into the archetype. The Necromancy ability lets you bring back dead models to units of warriors or mindless. Tide of Reanimation returns one dead model to each warrior unit and two dead models to each mindless unit. Masters of the Tomb gives a creature or hearthguard unit armour of 5 for the turn.


This list is going to provide a home for your undead models. Skeletons zombies, dire wolves can all find a home here. Your old Warhammer armies will fit in fine, even the tomb kings.

Sample army

SAGA Age of Magic, Undead Legions, 8 point army

This 8 point army is based around 24 skeletons as 3 points of warriors, two with no special weapons and the third with bows. Behind them are 3 points of Hearthguard on foot and looming over them all is our Behemoth, the skeleton giant.

The general is mounted and I also have a mounted wizard. The other two mounted figures are Black Knights, the unique lieutenant of the Undead Legions. Each of these was added at the cost of removing two Hearthguard from the army, though looking at the photo I didn’t remove enough and there should only be 8 Hearthguard here.

Taking that into account this is a 37 model army at 8 points.

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