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Blackstone Fortress: Taddeus

Someone has to be last, and for my Blackstone Fortress box, the lucky last model is Taddeus the Purifier

The images I took of him on the board hexes didn’t come out, so I had to quickly take pics of him near the painting tray. This is why he’s standing on a paint-spotted paper towel, in case you were wondering.

This model had some treatment with the new contrast paints, with I would say mixed results. HIs hat and whatever kit he’s wearing over his robes was painted with Skeleton Horde, and I’m happy with how that came out. The paint fell into the details quite easily and fills the space without being overpowwering.

The robes themselves were painted with Shysh Purple and highlights were applied the old-fashioned way as the contrast paint looked flat after being applied. The metal bits were first painted with Basilcanium Grey but I ended up going back over them with Ironbreaker as I wasn’t happy with how it looked.

1 out of 3 I suppose, on this model.

Images of the complete Blackstone Fortress set are coming next week.

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  1. Bookstooge
    July 14, 2019

    Space Pope Hat!!!!

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