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Age of Magic faction review: Lords of the Wild

The archetype

Lords of the Wild lists are here to represent any ‘savage’ army you may have. From wood elves to wild goblins, to grimy hillmen and more, this list is made for you.

The options

Lords of the Wild are the only list which has levies with javelins as an option. If you’ve a lot of diminutive miniatures armed this way, this fact alone is going to draw you to this list.

Both your warriors and your hearthguard may be mounted and have bows, another touch which draws certain armies to this list. Lords of the Wild can take all creature and monster types, so whether your big guys roar through the woods or scream through the skies you can take them here.

Rain Wilds river by Cody Shay on ArtStation

The Lords of the Wild lieutenant is called a ranger and can move or charge through uneven terrain without penalty, so keep your Aragorn and Legolas models on standby.

Battle Board

The Lords of the Wild Battle Board has a number of focused abilities, which work best with certain list choices and not at all with others. I don’t mind this, as it allows you to theme your list and be assured of Battle Board support. The ability Sacred Dance gives you additional defence dice if your unit has low armour, and additional attach dice otherwise. Poisoned Blades gives a bow-armed unit a sudden bonus in combat, which can surprise an opponent who thought those horse archers would be an easy target. Ambush allows you to make a shooting attack from a piece of uneven terrain with no models in it.


If you have a Warhammer Lizardmen or Wood Elf army you will find it has an easy home in this list. Goblin armies will also find this list easy to adapt to, especially as it support trolls, giants, and even bolt throwers as support units, and who could forget that chariot option?

Coming from Lord of the Rings, armies with lots of light cavalry will easily fit here, and I have an example of that below.

Sample army

SAGA Age of Magic, Lords of the Wild, 8 point army

I used my Rohan forces from War of the Ring for this army, though in truth they would fit just as easily into a Horde list. The key is the availability of mounted warriors with bows. I prefer Lords of the Wild for Rohan as that list also gives you levy with javelins which the Horde list lacks. I have to do something with my Rohan warriors, I have 64, though I did use any in the above list.

On the right are two units of warriors, mounted with bows. Behind them is a unit of mounted Hearthguard. Our general, Theoden, rides his white steed. In front of him 8 Hearthguard on foot give me a use for my royal guard models. Next to Theoden are two units of 8 warriors with bows, and finally on the left is another unit of mounted warriors, with no special equipment.

This gives a fast, shooty list, with some punch provided by the Hearthguard. At 8 points, this army has 51 models.

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