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The Civ Battle Royale returns

61 civilizations, 1 world map, 1 winner. The Civ Battle Royale turned out to be quite the spectacle, with thousands of people tuning to for recaps for a game of Civilization V set up to play itself.

There could only be 1 winner, and for the first completed Battle Royale that winner was Brazil. With the huge number of modded civilizations, plus the large number availalbe from the developer, the group which completed the last Battle Royale has set up the next one with a complete set of new factions to cheer for.

To try and make things easier to follow, the new Battle Royale series known as CBRX will have seasons. This is the starting map for season 1.

CBRX season 1 starting map

The map is a modified world map, since having 50% of your map area as water is not ideal for a game like this. Therefore the oceans have been considerably shrunk, and the land expanded.

Assuming the season completed successfully, there will be a season 2, and so on for as long as the series remains popular.

I was a big fan of the first one, and this time I’ll be cheering on my favourites the Kuikuro, and the Golden Horde. We’ll see how long they last.

If you’re curious about what this is, have a read of part 1 now, which covers the first 30 turns of the game. New parts are made available each Wednesday.

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  1. Coiot
    June 30, 2019

    Oh! Very nice. Support Haida, mate.

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