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Modern Horizons art review

Modern Horizons is the latest Magic set and it’s a unique one. Ostensibly aimed at the Modern format, this set features cards new to that format, and most of them never before printed.

Previously the only way into Modern is through Standard, so cards from supplemental sets such as Battlebond or Commander decks are not Modern legal.

Secluded Steppe by Noah Bradley

According to Wizards this set gives them the opportunity to print cards straight to Modern which would otherwise be too disruptive to print into Standard. Looking over the card list, I think this has been an excuse to engage in nostaglia, with many old cards and mechanics making a comeback.

Everdream by Nils Hamm

Given the nature of the set, the art has no central theme. There is no story being told here, unlike in War of the Spark. There is no setting so land cards don’t depict specific landscapes.

But we see the first new Magic card art from Greg Staples, painted in traditional medium.

Wall of One Thousand Cuts by Greg Staples

Another treat is this angel art from Seb McKinnon

Answered Prayers by Seb McKinnon

One old mechanic making a bigger comeback than others in Modern Horizons is the ‘snow’ mechanic. The only five cards in this set which were already legal in Modern are the five snow-covered basic lands, which are given new illustrations by Titus Lunter. These are full art lands, showing snowy landscapes set against a crisp sky.

Other snow cards are more grim

Dead of Winter by Zack Stella

Check out all the cards from this set at the Modern Horizons card image gallery.

2 comments on “Modern Horizons art review

  1. Bookstooge
    June 16, 2019

    Sadly, the most interesting part of this set, to me, was the lands. Prismatic vista and then the canopy lands. And all at rare or mythic. Sometimes I just want to punch WotC like it was a person…

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