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MtG artists: Tony Szczudlo

The most recent new illustration from Tony Szczudlo appeared in 2006, so his artwork can be difficult to track down, whether in person or online. However he illustrated over 75 cards for the game, so there’s plenty to look at if you can find them. Here are five of my favourites:

Mountain (Odyssey)

Mountain (Odyssey), by Tony Szczudlo

Odyssey has some great land arts, and this mountain by Tony Szczudlo is certainly one of them. A beautiful evening sky colours this piece very nicely.

Tainted Peak (Torment)

Tainted Peak (Torment), by Tony Szczudlo

The follow up set to Odyssey has many dark aspects. One was in the tainted cycle of four lands. For this the Odyssey illustrators were asked to draw darker versions of their Odyssey lands. I find Tainted Peak the best of these. The soft evening sky as given way to malevolent storm clouds.

Bloodstone Cameo (Invasion)

Bloodstone Cameo, by Tony Szczudlo

I like the dragon on this piece.

Catalyst Stone (Odyssey)

As my first Magic set, Odyssey contained a lot of cards, especially at rare, that I couldn’t understand. Catalyst Stone was one of these, and still is if I’m honest, but I like the glowing necklace.

Dingus Egg (7th edition)

7th Edition offered all-new art on the cards, a first for a core set. Artwise the set ended up being more miss than hit, but this was one of the hits in my opinion.

See all cards illustrated by Tony Szczudlo, or visit the artist’s Facebook page.


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