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8-bit Symphony

There’s a music concert coming up soon that I’d love to go to, but I’m a little too far from Hull, UK to make it. The 8-bit symphony will present some all time classic 8-bit tunes in concert format.

I had no idea there were enough other people like me that this could be a thing. I have several Commodore 64 game tunes on my playlist, but that has always been my secret shame.

For those of us unable to make the concert on 15 June, it will be live streamed.

If you are able to make it, then check out the tickets page.

The live stream won’t be up forever, so watch it live or shortly after for free. Otherwise there will be a paid download available after the show.

I’ll leave you with this YouTube video featuring one of my favourite Commodore 64 tracks, Monty on the Run by Rob Hubbard.


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