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New Skraeling rules for SAGA

Rules for Skraelings in 2nd edition Saga have recently been posted to the Gripping Beast website. In the original edition of the game Skraelings were an add-on rather than part of the core rules, and that has been repeated for the latest edition.

The Skraelings lack their own Saga dice, so you can use any to power them. The different abilities on the Battle Board will use either one dice of any face, two of the same, two different, or three different dice.

Skraelings can benefit from various totems granted by their board (e.e. the eagle totem), and other abilities will affect a unit only if it currently has a totem. Units can only benefit from one totem at a time.

I’ve not had the chance to play with or against the Skrealings as yet, but they look like an interesting faction to play. There’s never been a better time to board your longboat and head for Vinland!

Downloads from Gripping Beast:

Skraeling rules

Skraeling Battle Board (English)

Skraeling Battle Board (French)


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