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Terese Nielsen’s token of spirit

A great new art and accessory project hit Kickstarter earlier this week. Terese Nielsen’s token of spirit project is the culmination of several years’ work on the part of the artist and the project director.

It has turned out some great artworks to present alternative Magic: the Gathering tokens. In the game, various cards can generate tokens, which usually represent creatures, such as soldiers, elves, or squirrels. After a few years of encouraging players to use torn off bits of paper to represent these (I kid you not!) Wizards finally started to produce tokens cards themselves, Even later(!) they included these tokens in packs, and that has probably been one of their most popular changes over the past decade.

The tokens of spirit project presents an alternative set of tokens featuring Terese Nielsen’s wonderful art:

As the project goes on, more tokens will be unlocked as the project funding grows, meaning more for everyone. The tokens will also be available in premium or foil versions if you like.

Check out the tokens of spirit project page on Kickstarter for more.


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  1. Bookstooge
    May 19, 2019

    Dang!!!!!! Those are niiiiiiice……

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