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Bard’s Tale III walkthrough part 15: Tarjan and victory

The gods are freed, there’s only one thing left to do – kill Tarjan.

First you need to fight your way through his lieutenants before you can leave level 3 of Malefia. You teleport to Tarjan’s realm.

Tarjan’s Realm

This level is not difficult to traverse. Simply follow the spiral, and come face to face with your ultimate foe:

Tarjan bears a grudge

Tarjan turns up with many allies, and can summon more, so I recommend casting Preclusion early in the combat. Also remember, the game’s subtitle, the Thief of Fate? Well, in this fight keep your rogue in the shadows, getting ever-closer to the mad god:

With Tarjan disposed of, it’s time for XP and treasure!

Then, everything goes wobbly

Now you achieve your final reward – literal godhood!

So, the guy on the throne is the old man from the review board, and standing next to him is Hawkslayer, in case you were wondering.

After this screen, the game dumps you back at the menu, which at first I found disappointing. I wanted to see where that XP reward would leave my party, but it seemed it was not to be.

However I was mistaken! Load your last autosave and you’ll be next to the spot where you killed Tarjan. Go back through the level, and where you came in is now a portal taking you straight back to the wilderness. From there, simply hop to a world with a functioning Wizard’s Guild and you’ll be able to level up your triumphant heroes!

I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough. I enjoyed taking a trip back in time and playing these games again, and would like to commend Krome Studios for the great job they did on the remake. Thanks, guys!

3 comments on “Bard’s Tale III walkthrough part 15: Tarjan and victory

  1. Robert
    August 8, 2019

    Load the Autosave game after the fight with Tarjan and you can continue the game. You can level up and go back to Malefia. Tarjan stays dead but his minions can be killed over and over again…

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    • davekay
      August 8, 2019

      Thanks for the tip, Robert! I know know I reached level 97 with my warrior!


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