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Bard’s Tale III walkthrough part 13: Tarmitia, the short cut

In part 12 we looked at how to slog your way through the various time spheres of Tarmitia. But let’s record-scratch that, and go back to Berlin.

Tarmitia, Berlin

This time, make your way to the Death’s Head at N4 E7. The answer is “Tyr”. Once you give that answer, it asks for its true name. The answer here is “Werra”, the god you have come to meet.

If you value speed, there’s no need to visit anywhere else. Saying the god’s name transports you to his true realm.

Portal to Skara Brae (N11 E11): returns you to Skara Brae, no spellcasting required

Werra (N2 E9): Once you meet Werra, he invites you to fight, as a war god would. Once you defeat him, he gets back up and offers you his shield.

After the battle ends, Werra is happy, but that doesn’t last. 6 Black Slayers turn up, starting a new battle. When that is over, Werra lies truly dead.

Werra’s Shield (N0 E10): Werra has given his spear away already, but you can find his shield at least, in the room to the south after your encounter with Werra. Time to return to Skara Brae. Luckily there’s that handy portal at N11 E11 – the top right corner of the map – that will take you back to Skara Brae, no spell points required.

Skara Brae is not sunshine and roses either. This time when you return to the Review Board, the old man is dying:

But who will advance me a level?

Your previously obtained quest items are in the storage house near the city gate. It’s time to equip the gods’ gear (or at least take it with you – you’ll need it!) and enter the final dungeon, Malefia.

Should you need level up services, visit one of the Wizards’ Guilds on a previously visited world. The review board of Skara Brae is now closed.

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