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Bard’s Tale III walkthrough part 11: Tenebrosia, where the shadows lie

With Kinestia complete it’s time to head to Tenebrosia, the realm of shadow. Your runestones are located at the foot of Shadow Rock

I’ll say this for Tenebrosia: the skies are pretty

You find yourself in Nowhere:

Tenebrosia: Nowhere

Runestones (N14 E8): takes you back to Skara Brae

Black Scar (N10 E12): not the friendliest town, but there are new spells and bard songs to learn here.

Shadow Canyon (N2 E11): Go here to retrieve Shadow Lock

Tar Quarry (N13 E3): you go here to get some tar, because of course you do

Dark Copse (N2 E2): Shadow Door lies in a hut in the middle of these woods

Middle of Nowhere (N7 E7): Once you have the door and lock, use them here to gain access to Sceadu’s Demense

First, to Black Scar:

Tenebrosia, Black Scar

Bard’s Hall (N7 E6): Here you can learn the new song Minstrel Shield

Wizard’s Guild (N7 E9): Here you can buy the spell Gotterdammurung, the most powerful offensive spell in the game.

Next, take a trip to Shadow Canyon

Tenebrosia, Shadow Canyon

Exit (N21 E3): Once you have retrieved the lock, leave this way

Shadow Lock (N7 E3): this will be added to your inventory when you enter this square.

Shadow Door isn’t reachable yet, so the next stop is Tar Quarry. You will need to bring a wineskin with you.

Tenebrosia, Tar Quarry

Tar Quarry is a maze, and the walls are anti-magic squares. If you have a Geomancer of sufficient experience, simply cast Roscoe’s Alert to reveal all anti-magic squares and your path through the maze.

Once you reach the building at the centre, collect some of that tar in your wineskin.

Now we can go to Dark Copse to retrieve that door.

Tenebrosia, Tar Quarry

This is simple enough. The door is in a hut at N5 E5. To enter, use the tar on the trees at N5 E6. They will burn down, providing access to the hut and Shadow Door.

With this done, return to the Middle of Nowhere, and use both door and lock to reveal the portal to Sceadu’s Demense

Tenebrosia, Sceadu’s Demense level 1

Portal up (N1 E1): back to the Middle of Nowhere

Portal down (N6 E9): takes you to level 2 and a confrontation with Sceadu.

Tenebrosia, Sceadu’s Demense level 2

Portal up (N0 E0)

Sceadu (N13 E5): On the map above are several false walls, which appear like a dungeon wall but cen be freely walked through. Simply go through the northernmost false wall, do through the door to the only room, and Sceadu is there waiting for you. One battle later and his items are your.

The centre of this level holds nothing of value.

With Secadu’s items secured, you can now go back to Skara Brae, and prepare to enter Tarmitia.


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