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Modern Horizons announced

Speculation has been rife that Wizards of the Coast would release some kind of ‘straight to Modern’ set. Since the Modern format was set up there has only been one way in, and that is through a Standard set. Cards not released to Standard, for example those in Commander products) have never been legal in Modern, only Legacy or Vintage.

Serra art by Magali Villeneuve

With Modern Horizons this has changed. The set is comprised of both new and reprinted cards, and all cards will be legal in the Modern format, but not Standard. Cards in the set are a mix of reprints which are not currently Modern-legal, and new cards.

Two of these new cards were previewed, but none of the reprints are known as yet.

Modern Horizons previews cards

A few things can be gleaned from this announcement. First, Modern Horizons will be premium-priced. Packs retail for $6.99 on Magic Online, which is consistent with other Masters sets. Wizards removed MSRP from their printed products recently, but it’s reasonable to expect they will be charging retailers a price similar to their other Masters sets for these boxes. This affects the retail price by giving it a higher floor than for a non-Masters release such as any Standard set or sets such as Battlebond and Conspiracy.

So you can expect to pay a price similar to Masters 25 for these packs.

Serra planeswalker art by Magali Villeneuve

Second, no card currently legal in Modern is being reprinted in this set. So cards which have been rising in price due to Modern demand will continue to do so.

Third, the code of this set (seen in the lower left of the cards above) is MH1, which for me indicates this is not seen as a one-off product, but the start of a new line.

Interesting times. Modern Horizons releases in June with 251 new cards and 5 basic lands.

3 comments on “Modern Horizons announced

  1. Bookstooge
    March 2, 2019

    I was all for this idea until I realized they weren’t re-printing modern cards. For goodness sake, sigh.

    And at that price point, I’m going to buy Serra the Benevolent and call it a day. Maybe a playset for nostalgia’s sake (Serra Angel from 4th will always have a special place in my heart) but that’s about it.

    I haven’t bought a box since Dominaria and the way things are going, I doubt I will be. I’m beginning to understand all those doom sayers. Magic seems to be pricing itself out of reach for the common player.

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    • davekay
      March 2, 2019

      Yes it’s disappointing to see them attach Masters set pricing to what is basically a Conspiracy/Battlebond type set. Modern utility cards will only rise on this set’s release.

      Modern decks are expensive, but Modern cards mostly aren’t. I notice that for many decks 75% or more of the cost is the mana base, since those cards are being used in multiple decks so naturally more people want them.

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      • Bookstooge
        March 2, 2019

        Expensive mana base of old cards with no current reprints is why I’m a big fan of “own 1 genuine, proxy the rest”. I regularly check out deck prices on mtggoldfish and my goodness, you are right. It is almost always the mana that pushes a deck up. Unless you’re talking a power vintage deck or something. But I don’t even bother looking at those any more.

        All I can say is, thank goodness for commander. Singleton is great…

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