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MtG artists: Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic is a relative newcomer to Magic: the Gathering art, with his first illustration appearing in Hour of Devastation.

He’s illustrated more than 30 cards since then, producing a varied set of cards which are pleasing to the eye. Here’s five of my favourites:

Dr Julius Jumblemorph – Unstable

This card from Unstable perfectly captures the inherent humour present in the set.

Hackrobat – Ravnica Allegiance

This card features one of the Rakdos cult members entertaining the crowd.

Aeromunculus – Ravnica Allegiance

This simic creature travels through the air, even if it looks like it shouldn’t.

Hour of Devastation – Hour of Devastation

The eponymous card of the set, this art shows Nicol Bolas standing triumphant over the Gatewatch.

Swarm Guildmage – Guilds of Ravnica

This art shows a member of the Golgari guild, looking suitably spooky in Ravnica’s undercity.

Click here to see all cards illustrated by Simon Dominic, or visit the artist’s website.


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