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Bard’s Tale II walkthrough part 8: Oscon’s Fort

(if you missed it, go back to part 7)

Your next stop is the city of Corinth where you’ll find Oscon’s Fort. However, before you go it’s time to visit the strange golem in the wilderness at N19 E25. Saying his name (Kazdek) will awaken him and he’ll give you the Item of K. Keep this in your inventory.

Getting around Corinth is easy, and you’ll be able to see Oscon’s Fort as soon as you enter the city.


Level 1

Again I have to complement the developers on thier work here. I enjoyed the rusted look and feel of Oscon’s.


A quick word ahead of time for anyone using this guide to go straight through Oscon’s. Take only 4 characters in your party, maximum. Summoned monsters are fine to make up the numbers, but characters cannot exceed 4.


Teleports abound on this level, but they help you travel between sections, so that’s fine.

Entry (N0 E0): take you back out to Corinth

Warning (N2 E0): If you see the word TRIPWIRE on this level, get through the area quickly or face certain death.

Teleport 1 (N18 E0): teleports you to N18 E11

Teleport 2 (N18 E12): teleports you to N4 E13

Teleport 3 (N0 E14): teleports you to N0 E16

Teleport 4 (N18 E21): teleports you to N20 E21

Teleport 5 (N16 E15): teleports you to N2 E16

Teleport 6 (N8 E1): teleports you to N18 E1

Magic Mouth (N7 E3): the answers to its three questions are “fire” “krill” and “silence”. Provide these answers and it will tell you the word is “still”

Stairs (N12 E10): takes you to level 2

Level 2


Teleports aplenty on this level too, and again they help transport you from section to section – although Phase Door works fine on this level.

Tripwire (N15 E10): move north from the stairs and then rush through the rest of the corridor.

Teleport 1 (N9 E16) teleports you to N11 E6

Teleport 2 (N6 E6): teleports you to N0 E6

Teleport 3 (N4 E0): teleports you to N4 E15

Teleport 4 (N5 E15): teleports you to N17 E15

Teleport 5 (N17 E21): teleports you to N17 E6

Teleport 6 (N12 E0): teleports you to N6 E15

Dreamspell word (N16 E19): This Magic Mouth gives you the word STRIKE for later use at the Destiny Stone.

The Last Destroyer (N20 E21): give the Last Destroyer his name of “Dervak” and he will attack you. Defeating him activates the stairs up at N21 E0, which is a single casting of Phase Door away, no need to venture through that anti-magic darkness area unless you’re making a map for a walkthrough or something.

Stairs up (N21 E0)

A couple of notes here. First, this is the last level of Oscon’s which can be reached via Apport Arcane. If you have to leave levels 3 or 4 for any reason, this is as far as you can jump coming back.

Also, if you leave you will have to defeat the last Destroyer again in order to activate the stairs, so jump to N20 E21, not direct to the stairs.

Don’t pass this level with more than 4 characters in your party unless you plan to return to Corinth before getting the wand segment.

Level 3


This level has a lot of areas you can skip on your way through. Avoid all ways up except for the stairs.

Stairs down (N21 E0): If you forgot something, head down here, although you can leave this level via Apport Arcane if you’re going to level 1 or 2.

Tripwire (N14 E0): again, rush through this corridor before the tripwire goes off.

Teleport 1 (N3 E1): teleports you to N5 E1

Teleport 2 (N6 E1): teleports you to N2 E1 These first two teleports are of no value.

There are just two things to do if you want ot leave this level immediately

Magic Mouth (N12 E2): answer “still” to activate the stairs to level 4. If you leave this level and return later, you’ll need to come back here and activate the stairs again to get back to level 4.

Stairs (N14 E1): take this exit to move to the fourth and final level

If you’d rather mess about on this level then here are the other places of interest:

Teleport 3 (N17 E15): teleports you to N17 E10

Teleport 4 (N17 E9): teleports you to N14 E13

Teleport 5 (N15 E13): teleports you to N17 E12

Teleport 6 (N18 E12): teleports you to N19 E10

Teleport 7 (N19 E9): teleports you to N17 E17

Avoid all the portals in this area; it’s the stairs you want to take up.

Teleport 8 (N9 E16): teleports you to N21 E16

Level 4


I hope you were taking me seriously when I said not to bring more than 4 characters here. If you have more, leave now and return later with 4 or fewer characters, remembering to activate the stairs again on levels 2 and 3.

Stairs down (N14 E1): takes you back to level 3

Oscon (N5 E20): The wizard Oscon turns out to be Mangar’s brother, and he doesn’t like you one bit…

With Oscon dead, you can get on with completing the snare.

Teleport to snare (N10 E10): it lies on the other side of the area of darkness, but it’s not too hard to reach with your party of 4 or fewer characters. Takes you to N14 E11.

The snare!

To finish the snare you must visit three golems, saying their names. Once you do this they will join your party. The golems are:

“Rock” N11 E11

“Scissor” N14 E14

“Paper” N14 E8

If you go to Rock first and then head anti-clockwise to the other two alcoves you’ll avoid the annoying teleports at N13 E9 and N12 E9.

With the three in your party, make sure they are in the first three slots like so: 1. Rock, 2. Paper, 3. Scissor

Head to the Magic Mouth at N17 E11. If you do not have the three in the right order, you will be teleported back to N14 E11, where you started the snare. Assuming you have all three in the right order, head back to the alcove where you found “Rock” (N11 E11). You should now see a door leading South. Go through that to receive your fifth segment.



Part 9 is The Grey Crypt

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