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Bard’s Tale II walkthrough part 7: Thessalonica and the Maze of Dread

You’ll be happy to note there will be none of the last part’s tone here. The Maze of Dread is a perfectly acceptable place, challenging without being annoying. Read on to find how to get through this dungeon to retrieve the next part of the sceptre.

Thessalonica is an easy city to get around in:


Your only task here is to make your way to N14 E11. In this building you’ll find a Magic Mouth who presents you with a riddle. Answer “dread” to have the way to the Maze of Dread opened for you. I didn’t say it was a difficult riddle.

The Maze of Dread has three levels, and yes there is a timed puzzle at the end. The dungeon itself looks nice, too. Very moody:


Level 1


The maze lives up to its name on this level. There are a number of teleports here, none of which are helpful, so avoid them all if you can. There are also multiple ways down to the next level.

Stairs back (N0 E0): takes you back to Thessalonica

Teleport 1 (N13 E16): teleports you to N17 E8

Teleport 2 (N14 E1): teleports you to N8 E5

Teleport 3 (N0 E16): teleports you to N21 E15

Spell point regen (N2 E12): regenerates your spell points. I came back here several times via Apport Arcane.

Elevator (N1 E21): Every dungeon should have an elevator! So convenient! Simply type in the number of the level you want, and the elevator will take you there. No muss, no fuss.

Portal down (N10 E1): takes you down to level 2, but the elevator is better

Portal down (N16 E3): see above

Stairs down (N21 E21): You are presented with many options to reach level 2, but the elevator is best.

Level 2


Another level, another maze. There is a good reason to get off on this level instead of going straight to level 3, and that is the Sword of Zar. There’s also the matter of your next Dreampsell word.

Elevator (N1 E21): Every dungeon should have an elevator! So convenient! Simply type in the number of the level you want, and the elevator will take you there. No muss, no fuss.

Portal up (N10 E1): takes you up to level 1, but the elevator is better

Portal up (N16 E3): see above

Stairs up (N21 E21): the elevator is still better

Teleport (N12 E1): teleports you to N8 E5. It’s not important.

Dreamspell word (N9 E10): visit the Magic Mouth to hear the word MALLET, which you’ll need later on for the Dreamspell.

Sword of Zar (N15 E10): give the correct answer of “der” to receive the Sword of Zar, a powerful melee weapon you’ll be happy to receive. You will only receive the Sword if you have defeated the seven statues back in Dargoth’s Tower, so I hope you did that bit. The answer is “red”, but backwards, in case you were wondering.

Level 3


On this level the monsters step up a notch in terms of difficulty, so you’ll doubtless be happy to have the Sword of Zar with you.

If you’re in a rush, only the North West corner need concern you. You reach there via the helpful teleporter at N8 E17, just past the sign warning you that the death snare will now be activated. Yes, it’s a timed puzzle.

If you like to take in the sights, then head over to N8 E4 to fight the Grapthar Master in an anti-magic zone. You don’t get anything special for defeating him, though.

Okay, on to the puzzle.

Once you are teleported in, make your way to the door at N21 E4. You are told to keep the faith.

Go through the door and follow the hallway around till you reach the alchemist at N21 E6. He gives you a vial.

When you are following this hallway, beware of the spinner at N15 E4. Cast Scry Site to ensure you are heading East when going to the alchemist, and West when you are coming back.

Once you have visited the alchemist the first time and come back, head south into an area of darkness via the door at N20 E4. At N16 E2 you are given another message, the key word here being “endurable”.

Now head through the door at N20 E5 and get to the Magic Mouth at N17 E7. Answer “endurable” to the mouth. The mouth will say that is correct. If you haven’t visited the other area of darkness first, the mouth will say you can’t possibly know that, so no skipping!

Once you give the correct answer, the mouth will teleport you to N19 E6, facing the door. Don’t go through the door yet, turn around, head back through that door at N21 E4 and go back to the alchemist. You will need to do this five times, going from the alchemist to the mouth, giving the answer “endurable”.

At the fifth instance, the mouth will change its response, calling you an endurable bunch. This time when the mouth teleports you, go through the door to receive your reward.


The segment is yours. Now that was a dungeon!

Next up is Oscon’s Fort


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  3. Adam CN
    May 21, 2019

    Thanks, just a note on the spinners, if you have one of your team with the master key equipped, it has the no spin spell so stops spinners spinning you

    Liked by 1 person

    • davekay
      May 21, 2019

      Great tip!


      • Adam CN
        May 22, 2019

        Roscoe! If you get him to identify items he tells you if there’s any spell or special attached to the item

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  4. jsharbour
    October 14, 2019

    Sword didn’t pop. Message came up, “The sword is yours!” Then nothing…

    You know these old RPGs typically designed by one guy (same with Ultima and might & magic) are so full of anti social sadism and adolescent frustration, like your typical DM back in those early years. if you didn’t just happen to pick up some rock on the road while you’re walking towards the dungeon you can’t get through the final door… or some damn thing.

    It’s never about skill it’s about being OCD. Like the designer. Really really really needed a therapist in order to get a girlfriend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • davekay
      October 14, 2019

      That’s odd. I would have said make sure you destroyed the seven statues in the previous dungeon, but if you didn’t, I don’t think you would have received a message about getting the sword.
      The only other thing I would do is check you have spare space in the party inventory, but I’m guessing it’s not that.


      • jsharbour
        October 15, 2019

        Yes that is the confusing part which I think might be a bug. As long as the sword isn’t required to finish the game I’m not worried but I’m not sure about that.

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