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Bard’s Tale II walkthrough part 6: Dargoth’s Tower (aka The Death of Fun)

(if you missed it, go back to part 5)

A quick warning: I didn’t enjoy this dungeon at all, and I won’t be shy about expressing it here. Frankly, this level killed any level of enthusiasm I had for this game. Seriously, I just don’t want to play any more after this. I think of this level as the death of fun. There’s a reason why there was such a gap between the previous part and this one.

Deep breath.

Dargoth’s Tower is located in Philippi. Here’s the city map:


Dargoth’s Tower is located in the South East corner of the map. You’ll need your Master Key to get through the iron gate.

Level 1


The first thing you might notice here is the blank spots on that map. We’ll get to that. There’s more coming later, too.

Stairs down (N0 E8): takes you back to Philippi

Teleport 1 (N3 E6): takes you to N14 E6

Teleport 2 (N19 E0): takes you to N19 E11

Teleport 3 (N19 E0) takes you to N3 E0

Teleport 4 (N8 E17): takes you to N19 E6

None of the above 4 teleport do anything except hinder you as you move around this level.

Warning door (N8 E12): This door to the North takes you to the pointless room of annoyance. In this room you will be in silence, darkness, and anti-magic. Almost every square has a spinner. To move around you will need to take a step, cast Scry Site, and check which direction you are facing. If you are facing the wrong way, turn, and cast Scry Site again. Repeat until you are facing the way you want, then take a step. Then repeat that entire sequence for every square in the room, or until you turn the computer off in disgust and leave the game alone for a month. Whichever comes first. My advice: don’t go through here.

Magic Mouth (N13 E16): You don’t have to go through the pointless room of annoyance to get here, as using Phase Door on the outer wall will get you in. Choose “Burn bright” as your option.

Message (N7 E10): You are told to seek the Zen Master. I think this room also activates the stairs.

Teleport 5 (N4 E12): The only useful teleport on this level, takes you to N17 E21, where you can access the stairs.

Stairs up (N18 E21): takes you to level 2

Level 2


Stairs down (N18 E21): takes you down to level 1

Maze of doors entry (N12 E3): go through this door to leave the vast area of darkness

Seven statues (N13 E12): examine and defeat each of the seven statues in turn

Teleport 1 (N5 E16): teleports you out of the maze to N1 E14

Teleport 2 (N1 E7): teleports you to N18 E7, from where you can access the stairs up

Stairs up (N20 E13)” takes you to level 3

Level 3


In fairness I think this level would make a good place to train up a character if you needed to add one to the party. Lots of spell point replenishment squares, and plenty of fixed battles to fight.

Stairs down (N20 E13): takes you down to level 2

Teleport 1 (N20 E20): teleports you to N20 E17

Teleport 2 (N21 E20): teleports you to N21 E1

Teleport 3 (N3 E19): teleports you to N8 E19

Teleport 4 (N5 E17): teleports you to N10 E17

Teleport 5 (N13 E17): teleports you to N13 E11

Dreamspell word (N8 E13): the Magic Mouth here gives you the word DISRUPT to use for the Dreamspell later in the game.

Portal Puzzle (N6 E2): answer in sequence “earth” “compassed” and “fountain” to have the portal up to level 4 revealed

Portal up (N9 E2): takes you up to level 4

Level 4


Portal down (N9 E2): takes you back to level 3

Teleport 1 (N10 E21): teleports you to N11 E21

Teleport 2 (N11 E18): teleports you to N9 E18

Teleport 3 (N6 E18): teleports you to N3 E18

‘Go back’ traps: I found these as N14 E0, N12 E9, and N21 E8. The maze in the North East section of the map is not kind. In each case you will be teleported to the southern half of the map, ready for a long, boring walk back to the part of the dungeon you are trying to get through.

Teleport trap (N18 E15): teleports you to N0 E15 for an even longer boring walk back to the part of the dungeon you are trying to get through.

Stairs up (N20 E15) takes you up to level 5 the final and most fiddly and frustrating level. Woo!

Level 5


Yes, a huge chunk of map is missing here. That is because it is boring, frustrating, and pointless. Don’t venture into any of the blank areas unless you like anti-magic areas with traps and monsters your warriors will struggle to hit – but which will stone, possess, or otherwise bother your party with ease.

You need to follow these instructions very carefully to get through this unfun mess of a game.

Stairs down (N19 E18): takes you to level 4

Go south through the area of darkness you start in, and then head West and North. A door maze will take you to fight Dargoth himself (N20 E0) which is the only fun you’ll have on this level.

Now, pay attention. Once you do this next bit, you’re on a timer (or “death snare”) to finish the level and get the wand segment. Run out of time, and your party immediately dies. Fun, no? No. Let’s avoid that if we can.

The torment begins at N12 E9, so save before you enter any of the four doors that take you to this space.

In sequence, answer with the following words: “water” “lie” “slave” “gold” “hate” “rooster” “large” “early” “bard” “women”

You will now be teleported to N5 E20 and the clock is ticking. The next nine steps will see you through the level and out of this unfun mess of a dungeon.

ONE: You’re at N5 E20. Go North, then East to N6 E21 and the mage.

TWO: Go North again and fight the two dragons

THREE: Go West to N7 E20 and a message

FOUR: Go North to N8 E20 and another message. Now retrace your steps South, East South.

FIVE: You’re back at N6 E21, this time take the East door. You’re in a corridor which leads to a Magic Mouth. You need to visit the Magic Mouth six times to hear its messages. When it tells you to kill your mages, you’re done. Don’t follow its advice.

Helpfully, this corridor has two spinners in it to delay you, as you have to exit the door each time to hear the mouth’s next message.

The spinner nearest the door lets you see the door, but not the end of the corridor. So when you are heading back out, look for the door and when you are heading in look for the corridor leading to darkness.

For the spinner nearest the Mouth you will be able to see the dead end with the Mouth, but not the door leading out, so when you are heading out, look for the corridor leading to darkness, and when you are heading in look for the dead end.

Did I mention you are doing this on a timer?

SIX: Out of the corridor for the last time, head West then South to stand at N5 E20, where you started this mess. This time take the South door, then go East. You should be at N3 E0, where you are told you hear a voice laughing.

SEVEN: It’s easy to get disoriented so I’ll try to lay this out helpfully. Did I mention you’re on a timer and when it runs out your party dies?

From N3 E0 you head:


WEST (N2 E21)

WEST (N2 E20)

SOUTH (N1 E20)

EAST (N1 E21)

EAST (N1 E0)


EAST (N0 E1)

I’ve put the coordinates of each square there in case you get turned around, just Scry Site to see where you are and keep going from there.

EIGHT: Say “havok” to the statue and receive a dagger! special item – make sure you have 39 or fewer items! Go North from here to be teleported to N5 E0

NINE: More directions,

WEST (N5 E21)

WEST (N5 E20)

NORTH (N6 E20)

WEST (N6 E19) – there is a spinner on this square! Use Scry Site to make sure you are facing South

SOUTH (N5 E19) – there is a spinner on this square! Use Scry Site to make sure you are facing West

WEST (N5 E18). Once you get here you’ll receive a message to look at the wall, where a door appears right in front of you. Go through this door to receive the third wand segment. The timer is done, but hopefully you are still here.

Finally, use Apport Arcane get to back to the first level and out of Dargoth’s Tower.


Let’s hope there nothing else like this in the game.

*Apologies for anyone who found the change in tone or square by square directions jarring. This dungeon is awful, and the final sequence has many false (one-way) doors which lead you into the anti-magic area and death. It’s important to follow the directions and stay out of teleports and spinners unless it’s strictly necessary. Once you get disoriented, it’s hard to get back on track before the timer runs out.

Once you have finished with the tower, stay in Philippi and visit Saradon’s Home if you didn’t go there already. otherwise it’s time to go on to part 7

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  3. jsharbour
    October 6, 2019

    What are ridiculous nightmare of a design. I don’t know how anyone beat these games originally without any help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • davekay
      October 6, 2019

      Agreed, Dargoth’s Tower really spoiled the rest of the game for me, I’d say this is the weakest in the trilogy by far.


      • jsharbour
        October 6, 2019

        The guide was really helpful, though, and I got through it in about an hour. I teleported straight to L3, avoided all the nonsense to 4, 5, and did a beeline to the final battle. I don’t mind skipping content when it’s bad, as I’m eager to move on to the 3rd game now (after 60 hrs invested on Xbox). I also can’t believe all of the questions. You could figure them out eventually by reading all the notes but still, good grief… that’s tedious. And hard to believe save/load was only at the AG. When I look back now to my high school years, I don’t think I ever got past the catacombs in Skara Brae. Back then, I might have had a ton of fun but after 20 hrs I’d move on to a new game.

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      • davekay
        October 6, 2019

        The third game is a lot more fun for sure. I think in many ways BTII shows how not to do a dungeon crawler. I feel like they kept thinking of how many puzzles they could add and forgot about the fun factor.


  4. jsharbour
    October 6, 2019

    Yeah, and it’s kind of amazing too that one guy could design and program a game back then, and just hire one artist to help out.

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  5. Tim Coffman
    November 17, 2019

    The master key equipped makes it so that spinner traps do not spin you. Also, in quite a few of the rooms that have multiple doors, I noticed that the wall with the texture was to the north, or at least in the few i tested it on regarding the death snare area.

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