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Neglected models: Bretonnian archer

Well, this one took so long his army is no longer present in the game!

This Bretonnian archer, in white metal, has been hanging around since 1996 or 1997. At some point one of my daughters had a go at it, which accounts for its ‘before’ condition:


After giving it an hour’s attention, the model now looks like this:


Bretonnian bowman: acquired circa 1997, painted 2019

I kept the original turquoise and added blue for his other clothes, before taking on his leather jacket and bow and arrows. The basing will be done later once I have a few models ready to do at the same time.

I used what I thought was a restricted palette, but there’s still a fair few paints present here:


Now to find a game to use him in…

One comment on “Neglected models: Bretonnian archer

  1. Darnell Cureton
    January 12, 2019

    He looks much better.

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