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Speed Freeks: right game, wrong models?

Games Workshop recently released a game featuring feral gangs in patchwork vehicles, zooming around arid wastelands and urban ruins. The models look like this:


Which is fine if you like that sort of thing. The look of this game was not for me, but the type of game could well be. In my gamer’s opinion models for a game of feral gangs in patchwork vehicles, zooming around arid wastelands and urban ruins should look like this:


or this:


or even this:


I said something similar a couple of years ago when the genestealer cult gangs were first announced, along with their Goliath truck.  “I’d enjoy a game that had nothing more than a bunch of these machines racing around a landscape taking shots and ramming one another unit a single victor emerges. If there isn’t a game for that I may have to write one.”


Okay so I didn’t write a game but other than Gaslands, there’s not much out there to scratch this itch. I think Games Workshop missed a trick and would have been better off with a game featuring the models above, maybe a Goliath truck, and some renegade humans (or Adeptus Mecahnicus!) to round things out.

5 comments on “Speed Freeks: right game, wrong models?

  1. Azazel
    December 2, 2018

    Nah. The Kult of Speed and GorkaMorka was a long-established thing that had been left dormant for far too long, so with the success of Gaslands it made perfect sense that the GorkaMorka resurrection was done in a smaller Gaslands scale rather than as something that could (and would) cannibalise Necromunda. Speed Freeks is also a miniatures delivery system to go with Orktober and the Codex – and will be discontinued and forgotten within 6 months, like Imperial Knights: Renegade.

    Would I like to see a GSC-variant of Speed Freeks versus a second faction? Sure, I would! I’d buy three or four copies, guaranteed! But Speed Freeks wasn’t a mistake, by any means.

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    • davekay
      December 2, 2018

      Agreed that Speed Freeks as it is is just an excuse to release more miniatures around a Codex than any serious attempt at a new game. I think that’s the shame of it.

      To be honest I think something more ‘mad max’ would have done a better job of competing with Gaslands and GSC fits the bill enough for me. I don’t remember Gorkamorka being especially popular back in the day.

      Maybe that Speed Freeks exapnsion will come with the GSC Codex anyway.


      • Azazel
        December 3, 2018

        From what I’ve heard it plays pretty well, and having picked it up myself the components are (I have to say) top-notch. That gameboard is on some *thick* cardboard!
        But… I can’t see them keeping it in print for long, nor giving it much in the way of support. But then, that’s the much more standard way with almost all of their board games these days. I can see them cycling Space Hulk, WHQ:ST, WHQ:HH and now WH40kQ:BST in and out of production every few years, but the rest all seem like short-run products – from Gorechosen and Lost Patrol (which are actual games with miniatures) to Stormcloud Attack, Calth and Speed Freeks (which are miniatures sets with games of varying quality packed in).
        The GSC models don’t feel particularly Mad Max to me anyway. Much more Tears for Fears.

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  2. Wudugast
    December 3, 2018

    Yeah I thought the same thing when I first saw these bikes, they’d tie in well with Speed Freeks. Perhaps not as they are exactly, I prefer my genestealer cultists a bit more serious than that. Modern 40k doesn’t really allow for the zaniness of holding wacky races through the desert (the orks being the exception). I’m a fan of both the orks and the genestealer cults but whilst I want the farmer to be a bit silly, and I’ve been waiting a long time to see the Kult of Speed properly fleshed out, I’m not keen to see the latter going down a similar route.

    That said I still like the idea of these models being incorporated into Speed Freeks, although I certainly can’t imagine it happening officially. On the one hand the quad could be converted into some kind of grot buggy (not sure how the bike outriders would work as those bikes are still too big for grots and no ork is playing second fiddle to a jumped-up gobbo. Maybe diggas or human slaves?). The alternative option would be to ditch the orks altogether and convert the Kult of Speed vehicles into the rigs of tribal tech-barbarians, in which case these bikes would make for better outriders than the chunky ork bikes. Not something I think I’ll be doing myself but I can imagine it would look amazing! Either way I’ll keep an eye out if you do decide to write some rules for that quad 🙂

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  3. spalanz
    December 3, 2018

    The more I think of it, and having read this post, I think we could be seeing some kind of whacky races-style subgame come out next year. We have Genestealer Cultists on bikes confirmed, and have just had all this Ork stuff released – then there are the persistent rumours of Primaris bikers coming… if every faction ends up getting bikes, I’d love them to do some kind of Gangs of Commorragh-style game that is basically a quick pick-up sort of thing to make use of all this mobility.

    While it might seem unlikely, who would have predicted GSC on bikes before the Vigilus open day? It feels like anything is possible under new GW, and it feels great!!

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