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Bard’s Tale I walkthrough part 5: Kylearan’s Tower

No time to rest after completing Baron Harkyn’s Castle! Teleported straight to Kylearan’s Tower, you’ll find this is more of a puzzle than a dungeon. Phase Door and Apport Arcane will not help you here.


This is an adventure in 9 steps (and one misstep), so follow along to get through this level! I hope you have a ligthwand as there’s darkness aplenty. Also you’ll be casting Scry Site a lot to find out where you are through all the teleports.

  1. Avoid the teleport at N0 E19 as it just takes you back a few squares and wastes your time
  2. This is more like it! Teleport from N1 E19 to N21 E21. Plenty of rooms to explore here.
  3. Make your way to N19 E19 and teleport from there to N12 E11.
  4. Now go to N10 E13. The answer to the ridde is “stone golem” and getting the answer right teleports you to N8 E9.
  5. Lots of darkness here but at N2 E12 you must answer “sinister” to the riddle. You won’t notice anything immediately but a door has appeared at the south edge of N6 E1 that lets you complete the tower.
  6. The darkness is worth traversing as at N20 E2 you’ll find the silver triangle which you need on the final level.
  7. At N1 E4 you’ll fight the Crystal Golem, and you must use the Crystal Sword from Baron Harkyn’s to kill the creature or else it comes back. It’s not enough to damage the creature with the sword, you must deal the death blow. Once the creature is dead you’ll be able to pass.
  8. With the golem shattered head to N18 E14 to be teleported to N1 E14.
  9. Make your way to N13 E17 to meet Kylearan himself. He won’t attack you, but instead reveals the tower to be his twisted idea of a test. Yeah, thanks. Kylearan gives you the Onyx Key, granting access to Mangar’s Tower via those stairs in the Sewers.bardstalewalkthrough5-03
  10. Once you have they key, go one square north to be teleported back to N0 E0 and the exit. Phew!


As you can see from the image above, I just made it through Kylearan’s Tower before running out of spell points. By the end I was attempting to flee from every encounter involving enemy magic users, since they invariable require magic to put down.

With Kylearan’s Tower complete, only the five levels of Mangar’s Tower stands between us and a completed game.

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