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Bard’s Tale I walkthrough part 4: Baron Harkyn’s Castle

After the catacombs, even if you didn’t pick up the hint to come to Harkyn’s domain next, it’s the only area open to you that you haven’t yet explored. The two wizard’s towers are still inaccessible, so you’ll come here regardless. Face down that Grey Dragon and you’re in!

Level 1 contains an important item for Kylearan’s Tower, so be sure to pick up that Crystal Sword


stairs out (N0 E0): takes you back to Skara Brae

stairs up (N19 E0): takes you up to level 2. These stairs are conveniently located a few squares away from the entrance once you use Phase Door.

Baron’s Throne (N14 E9): Baron’s don’t have thrones, but where they do, make sure your Bard sits on it to open a secret door.

Magical Chamber (N11 E15): This chamber rapidly returns used spell points to your mages.

Crystal Sword (N0 E19): You’ll need this sword to get through Kylearan’s Tower so don’t leave this level without it!


Level 2 gives you the first of a group of quest items you’ll need on the game’s final level.


stairs down (N19 E0): takes you down to level 1

portal up (N19 E19): takes you up to level 3

Riddle (N9 E9): answer “vampire” to be teleported to N0 E1 and the quest item

Silver Square (N0 E0): walking onto this square automatically adds the silver square to your inventory, as long as there’s room!

Riddle (N0 E19): answer “shields” to receive a free Ybarrashield, and magical item which has charges of Ybarra’s Mystical Coat of Armor


Make sure you’re all healed up and ready for level 3, as this level teleports you to Kylearan’s Tower, a place you don’t want to leave at all until it’s complete.


portal down (N19 E19): takes you down to level 2

Old Man (N5 E3): answer “skull” to pass

The area you pass into  after the Old Man is tricky to traverse. I ended up using Phase Door to get into the guard room and statue room; you may too.

Statue (N1 E21): The statue of the Mad God comes to life and attacks you as long as you are carrying the Eye from the catacombs. It’s not hard to defeat, and after you’ve done so, you will by teleported immediately to Kylearan’s Tower.


Kylearan’s is a tricky level, best done in a single session, so read part 5 to find out how!

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