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Van Saar update 1

I’ve completed the first two models from the 2018 Van Saar gang release for Necromunda:


They suffered in painting mainly due to me changing my mind several times. I’d originally through a red/blue colour scheme would work, but after trying that one of the other models I decided it wouldn’t work on all five.

So these two get the grey garb of Van Saar troopers.


These aren’t gang leaders or specialists, those will wear different colour garb to denote their status. At least, that’s my plan right now.

5 comments on “Van Saar update 1

  1. Faust
    November 3, 2018

    Nice start! Yea, changing colors part way is a pain. How’d you feel about the assembly and painting process overall?

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    • davekay
      November 4, 2018

      Well, I’m probably not the best person to ask as I messed it up so badly only 5 models survived the assembly process! However I achieved this in the time-honoured fashion of not following the instructions. I think as long as you do follow them, the assembly process is fine. Specific torsos will only go with specific legs, so you can’t mix and match (trust me!).

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      • Faust
        November 4, 2018

        Oh, that sucks! I’ve already sub-assembled mine. They were harder than the Goliaths for sure. Although that cigar piece was a bit mind numbing.

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  2. Azazel
    November 6, 2018

    Damn! These Van Saar are so far removed from what I think of when I hear/read that name. Really nice work on them!

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    • davekay
      November 6, 2018

      Thanks! Yes the new models look very different to the originals


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