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Games Workshop news from Essen Spiel

If you’ve never been to Essen Spiel, I recommend it. Though in honesty I recommend it as someone who has never been (yet!). 150,000+ people at the largest tabletop game conference anywhere. Sounds great to me, and one of these Octobers I’ll get myself to Germany for it.

This year, Games Workshop are among the companies previewing new products at the event.


Their new Blood Bowl team looks great – and I assume there is another wight, Mummy, and Ghoul to show off yet. I have the old 1994 Undead team and these models make me think it’s time for an update.


The tie-in with WizKids is starting to produce real results. Not sure what this game will be like but the box makes me want to find out!

You can see these and more reveals over at Warhammer Community.


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